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We are excited to introduce you to SightWords.com , a Website designed for parents and teachers to use.  It is a new resource sponsored by the Georgia Preschool Association and designed to help children learn to read.  All the material on the Website is FREE!  This site is designed to help learners who are Pre-K and above. There are four sections currently available to use on the Website.

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How Art Impacts Learning

By Anna Reyner, MA Registered Art Therapist


What makes ART such a great teaching tool?
Art engages children’s senses in open ended play and develops Cognitive, Social, Emotional and Sensory-Motor skills. Art is a cooperative learning experience that provides pleasure, challenge, and mastery. Through art, children learn complex thinking skills and master many developmental tasks.

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Family Fun and Fitness

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

Children today are less physically fit than ever before.
Every day our class plays physically active games like Freeze Dancing, and the children have lots of opportunities to move their bodies during classroom activities and outdoors on the playground. We also support children as they develop specific skills like jumping, kicking, catching, and throwing. These are skills children will use for a lifetime of physical activities, including sports. Here are some tips for increasing your child’s physical activity

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Make the Most of Playtime

The Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL)

Babies and toddlers love to play
As a parent, it can feel overwhelming at times. You might feel like your young child thinks everything is a game. Often young children want to repeat their games over and over. They also want to test the boundaries to learn what is appropriate and what is not. For busy parents, this can test your patience. Sometimes it might seem as though your child wants to “play” exactly at the time when you have other things that must be done....

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Moving Bodies, Building Minds

Foster Preschoolers’ Critical Thinking and Problem Solving through Movement 
Michelle L. Marigliano and Michele J. Russo (NAEYC)

Creative movement is an ideal way to help young children develop critical thinking & problem-solving skills 


Most young children are, by nature, extremely physical. They delight in exploring the world with their bodies and expressing their ideas and feelings through movement. When presented with movement ideas or problems that can be solved with a movement response, many young children create movement spontaneously...

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