Georgia Preschool Association

Georgia Preschool Association is a non-profit organization actively committed to promoting quality care and education for children eight years and under.

The Georgia Preschool Association was founded in 1958.  The first annual meeting was attended by 111 preschool teachers.  Presently we serve over 1650 members throughout the state of Georgia. 

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Message from the president

The Georgia Preschool Annual Conference was a huge success.  We had over 1,200 people attending the two day event.  It began with Dr. Jean Feldman “With a Song in my Heart”.  Singing makes everyone happy; and, everyone learned so much and had such a great time.  I know all the new ideas and renewing and reviewing some of the tried and true ideas certainly gave you affirmation of what a wonderful job we are privileged to do. 

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Sight Words and Phonemic Awareness

We are excited to introduce you to SightWords.com , a Website designed for parents and teachers to use.  It is a new resource sponsored by the Georgia Preschool Association and designed to help children learn to read.  All the material on the Website is FREE!  This site is designed to help learners who are Pre-K and above. There are four sections currently available to use on the Website. 

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Money Available for CDA or TCC!

Did you know that the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning is awarding scholarships and incentives for Early Educators pursing their CDA or TCC?  Go to the Additional Training Opportunities tab for more information!